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The Scrump Story

It all started in Yuba City, California, in the 1980's, when a kindergarten teacher wanted to give a gift to parents who volunteered in her classroom. She had found a recipe for English Toffee, and started to play around with it. After many tries, and many tweaks, our English Toffee was born.

Every day after school she would make a few batch of toffee - three pounds at a time, in a tiny copper pot. Students graduated from her class, others around town started to try the toffee, and before long, demand grew, and orders started pouring in. 

For decades she and her husband made toffee throughout the year, and the Yuba City community supported them. But as time passed and age continued to set in, it was time to think about what was next for this beloved recipe. So just over 11 years ago, Douglas Usedom taught Patrick Fedor, step-by-step, over a tiny copper pot.

For a decade Patrick carried on the tradition, coming upon the most delicious of mistakes along the way...

One day, out of chocolate, but drowning in butter, sugar and almonds, he wondered what to do. So he began to experiment.

Batch-by-batch the flavor and texture improved, until he landed on something he thought might be good.

When his wife came home that day, he asked her to try "this", and when she replied, "You know, I think I might actually like that more than the toffee," he knew he had something.

Alas, our Almond Brittle was born!

For ten years Patrick ran Scrump as a ministry - donating 50% of sales to the youth group at their church, and doing church fundraisers. But as it goes, Patrick started to hit his final days of copper pot production, and began to pray about what was next.

For years he had been asking Allison; his daughter; if she would be interested in building the business with him, and eventually taking over.

It took time, but at the end of 2021, just as the holiday season was setting in, Patrick stood over the stove and that tiny copper pot, and taught the next generation, step-by-step, how to make Scrump English Toffee and Almond Brittle. 

Now, three generations later, we still use the same high-quality ingredients, and the same simple recipes. 

At Scrump, we believe in keeping candy clean. Which is why in all our products, you'll just find four consciously-sourced, quality ingredients, and you won't find preservatives, peanuts, soy, gluten, or anything else you can't understand. 

We believe in sourcing our ingredients locally, and minimizing our environmental impact. Which is why we are on a mission to switch to zero-waste packaging, and become a carbon neutral company. 

We pride ourselves on our micro-batch production, and ensuring quality in each part of the process. And we hope that with each bite you take, you disappear for a moment into a little bliss bubble, are filled with joy, and taste the difference in our scrumptious sweets.

We also are a family of faith. We believe in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and God. Which is why 10% of all sales are donated to the faith-based ministries God Behind Bars and Embrace Grace Ministries.

God Behind Bars is a prison ministry, and the work they do will bring you to tears. Worship days, reuniting families, changing lives, and reaching those in one of the hardest-to-reach places. To learn more about God Behind Bars, visit their website, or find them on Instagram @godbehindbars

Embrace Grace Ministries is a Texas-based organization that provides resources and support for single women having unplanned pregnancies. It gives these women a community, psychological support, love, and is there to help them during one of the hardest periods of their lives. To learn more about Embrace Grace, visit their website, or find them on Instagram @embracegraceinc.

Watching this business gradually grow, and seeing all your responses to our products, is life-changing. So from our small family to yours, thank you.

Thank you for the love

Thank you for the support

Thank you for the looks on your faces when you sample Scrump

And thank you for sharing the love of Scrump with those you love

Welcome to the Scrump Fam, where it's #soscrumptious ! 

With Love,

Allison Fedor & Your Scrump Fam 

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