In the early 1980's in Yuba City, California, a kindergarten teacher started making English Toffee as a gift of appreciation for parents who helped in her classroom. Interest grew, and soon so did demand, so she spent the afternoons after school making a few batches of her desirable toffee each day. As time passed, Sharon's English Toffee became a household name in the Yuba City and Reno areas, and more and more people learned about "the best toffee they'd ever had."

Ten years ago, she passed the recipe on to her son-in-law, who continued the tradition of making high-quality small batches, of the finest ingredients California has to offer, but weaving in a Heavenly twist! Patrick received word from God that 50% of all SALES were to be donated back to Him. So that's what he did. And for 10 years, 50% of all sales were donated to Patrick and Heidi's church youth group.

Now another generation joins the team: the granddaughter/daughter!

Today, Allison has set out to change the world by making it a sweeter and more scrumptious place, while igniting the Light of Jesus Christ, by donating 10% to Jesus-faith-based organizations like God Behind Bars and The Paper Project.

We believe in having a positive impact on the world, minimizing our environmental impact, and sharing the best Toffee anyone's ever had with everyone possible! This sweet treat has been a staple of our family for many decades, and we are honored and excited to invite you in to the SCRUMP Candy Co culture, where we believe in high-quality, and high-impact.

We use local, California-sourced, NON-GMO chocolate and almonds, NON-GMO sugar, and proudly offer preservative, gluten, and peanut-free products for you and everyone you know to enjoy!

From our family to yours, Welcome!

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Image by Megumi Nachev
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Image by Mathilde Langevin